The Weather’s Turning – 2007


The Weather’s Turning –  copyright 2007  – Deep Dog Records / (Cr2)3 Media
All songs written by Rich Reardin
Vocals and instruments by Rich Reardin
except Tin Man ( adapted from “Tin Man” by America )
Recorded at Deep Dog Records / (Cr2)3 Media in Bloomington, Indiana – 2007

Track 1: The Weather’s Turning

Track 2: Abandon All Unwholesome Actions DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 3: City of Silk

Track 4: Time Is Standing On My Grave

Track 5: Getting Poison Ivy

Track 6: The Lord of Man (Time)

Track 7: Sunangel DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 8: Enough is Enough

Track 9: Summertime (revisited)

Track 10: Tin Man


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