The Next – 1996

The Next was formed in 1995 in Bloomington, Indiana.
This record was recorded at Bob Estrin’s Music House in 1996.
Rich Reardin
Danny Simmons
Mark Sackmann
feat: Bill Lundblad on Major Dan and The White Wealthy Man.
feat: Bob Estrin (French Horn) on “Take Me Down To School”

Track 1: Take Me Down To School

Track 2: Still You Want It Back Again

Track 3: Sunspot

Track 4: I Hear You Singing My Song

Track 5: I Cannot Make You

Track 6: Love Gone Past

Track 7: Free

Track 8: Gone To Seed

Track 9: Soon

Track 10: The White Wealthy Man

Track 11: Major Dan

Track 12: Hello Goodbye

Track 13: Gettysburg Fields Forever

Track 14: Air Smells Good


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