Spellbound – 2016

‘Spellbound’ – copyright 2016 – Deep Dog Records / (Cr2)3 Media
All songs written by Rich Reardin
All vocals and instruments by Rich Reardin
(except “Julia” by John Lennon)
Julia (Janiece Jaffe and Rich Reardin vocals) – Producer: Chip Reardin / Airtime Recording Studio
The song ‘Julia’ and ‘Hey Julia’ were adapted and recorded by my ex-wife Janiece and I for our daughter, Julia, on her 30th birthday. We found that we’d each decided to record the same song as a present, so it was fun to participate in each other’s projects.

(A Day on the Lake – FEAT: Dean Batstone – supporting vocals/guitar and Tomas Enguidanos Upright Bass, Dobro, Mandolin, Fiddle)
Recorded at Deep Dog Records and Airtime Recording Studio – Bloomington, Indiana 2016 and Enguidanos Studios, Oakland, California.

Track 1: My Own Minds Eye – 4:13  – DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 2: Quiet Times on an Ordinary Night – 3:55  – DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 3: Julia – 5:03

Track 4: Sand – 1:27 DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 5: Deal Breaker – 4:47 DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 6: Before The Beginning – 2:37  – DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 7: A Day On The Lake – 4:31 DOWNLOAD LYRICS

Track 8: Hey Julia – 6:33

Track 9: Spellbound – 2:51 DOWNLOAD LYRICS


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