Short Straw – 1979


Short Straw – The Rehearsal  copyright 1979 – Deep Dog Records / (Cr2)3 Media

This is an existing rehearsal tape from our college band “Short Straw” from 1979
Short Straw:
Kurt Heinrich (lead guitar)
Rich Reardin (bass guitar)
Ross Pierce (rhythm guitar)
Guy Booth (drums)
Recorded at Garfield Street Practice Garage – Albuquerque, New Mexico 1979

Track 1: Burning Flames (Love Lost In The Night)

Track 2: Real To Reels

Track 3: Since I Left The Poconos

Track 4: Whirlwind Love

Track 5: She Was Something Else

Track 6: You Drive Me Mad (Doggone Mad)

Track 7: Singin’ Myself

rack 8: Desire

Track 9: Heartbreak Hotel

Track 10: I Just Wanna Make Love To You

Track 11: Give It A Name


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