Paula’s Jam – 1978

Paula’s Jam
Short Straw
Kurt Heinrich
Rich Reardin
Dick Calano
Scott Nye
Guy Booth

This was the first practice for what would become ‘Short Straw’, recorded on 4 track reel to reel at our friend Paula’s house in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1978. Singer and harmonica player Dick Calano had introduced Rich Reardin to Kurt Heinrich, and they had worked out some blues tunes. Kurt was at a Volkswagen autocross, when he walked up to a crowd of people and said “Hey! Who here is a drummer?” and one of the men in the crowd (Guy Booth) said, “I am”. So Kurt said “Come with me, you’re in my band”. So, unbelievably, he went straight out and bought a new drum set, and said he’d show up to practice.

Track 1: Opening Jam

Track 2: Stormy Monday

Track 3: The Train Song

Track 4: Messin’ With The Kid

Track 5: Route 66

Track 6: Little Girl

Track 7: Route 66

Track 8: All Your Love

Track 9: It Hurts Me, Too

Track 10: Final Jam



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